The Polo brings together the best of entrepreneurial skills integrated in a context that shares the same values: competence, passion and innovation.

A Land of Opportunity


Who is this for?

FOR THE SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTREPRENEUR of the area between the Valleys of Aspio and Musone rivers, in the provinces of Ancona and Macerata. An entrepreneur who generally operates in various sectors: from electronics to mechanics, from construction to wood and plastic, successfully attacking domestic and international markets. Each entrepreneur is often committed to achieving objectives of individual growth and does not perceive the added value of a possible synergy with other entrepreneurs. The purpose of a potential union? Define the virtuous and distinctive profile of a basin that represents excellence not only in the Marche but also in Italy.

FOR THE COMMERCIAL PARTNER OR FOREIGN COMPETITOR OF OUR COMPANIES that makes contacts with the individual local traders. These figures are not yet able to perceive the overall value of a territory characterized by a vibrant network of small and medium-sized enterprises joined by a deep-rooted culture of work and significant entrepreneurial character: dynamism, innovation, tenacity, flexibility, responsibility and solidarity.

Locate the problem

There is a lack of awareness of a deep local roots; a lack of the sense of belonging to our historical heritage of excellence that makes it rich from the point of view of production and historical and artistic background.

Together, we can find solutions

The Companies of the CAM-Polo Tecnologico aim at giving proper visibility, evidence and meaning to an area that deserves it. It is in fact an area in the heart of the Marche region, rich in history, authenticity, excellence and above all extraordinary technological and productive capacity. This is why many of our brands and products are famous worldwide and proudly represent the area they come from.